Thursday, September 20, 2007

Popularity of RV'ing

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Hold on to that pig skin

This "fake" rubberized grass makes for some good "dirt" pictures. Love the spray coming up.

Put your weight into it

It always becomes a fun image when feet start flying up over the head.

See Dick run. Run Dick, run

Pretty straight forward AP action. But, when in Rome ....

Face Plant

I haven't shot a football game in a couple of years! It felt good to get out again and see if this old man still has it. Not sure if I do but this is what I got one Saturday afternoon in Bowling Green, KY.

Friday, September 14, 2007


This is me - in case you are wondering. Photo by Tim McLaughlin.

More Blue Experiments

Some more "blue" experimentation. Some day I will have shot enough "blue" pictures to have my own blue gallery.

Bryan Moss visits WKU

Bryan Moss, author of Photosynthesis: A Simple Guide to the Magic of Photography, and the co-director of the Whitecloud Workshop visited with students and faculty of Western Kentucky University for two days. Thanks for coming Bryan. Your insight was very useful.

My blue experiment

This photo was taken in Rockland, Maine. I played with color balance choosing flourescent to document the alpenglow over the Harbor.

Back in Bowling Green

I was asked to go shoot some group pictures in my daughters classroom for a WKU Spirit contest. Then I was pulled in to the teachers classroom next door to shot their picture - this is where I found this feature. You never know where a feature will come from.